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Beatrix Farrand maintained an extensive research library at Reef Point, which she donated to the University of California at Berkeley in 1955. In the Morning Room of the estate, she kept copies of her favorite books on horticulture and garden design, as her personal library. A list of those books may be found here.

The library at Garland Farm is a small-scale model of Beatrix Farrand’s library. The Garland Farm library has three components: the Special Collections, the general collection, and the Archives.

The Special Collections includes over a hundred titles that were part of Beatrix Farrand’s Morning Room library. BFS hopes to acquire more of these titles, including different editions than those that were in the Morning Room. Other works in Special Collections are books that were owned by Beatrix Farrand or her mother; books that were written or owned by her friends or relatives; and older books on the art and science of horticulture.

The general collection contains modern works on horticulture and garden design, as well as books on Beatrix Farrand’s life, work, and her influence on the practice of landscape architecture. The Archives contains materials such as photographs, garden plans, and correspondence and papers of associates and followers of Beatrix Farrand.

Although the Garland Farm library is part of the house tours on Open Days, use of the library’s collections is by appointment only, generally from May through October. Library materials do not circulate.

If you have a reference question or research request, or if you would like to donate materials or make an appointment, or if you’d like to find out more about the library’s collections, please contact us at: library@beatrixfarrandsociety.org

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