Board of Directors

Scott Koniecko – President and Buildings, Grounds, and Gardens Committee co-chair
Michaeleen Ward – First Vice President and Education and Programs Committee chair
Wendy Knickerbocker – Second Vice President and Library Committee chair
Michael Boland
Stephanie Burnett – Programs Committee chair
Vicki Goldstein
Gerd Grace – Nominations Committee chair
Julia Leisenring – Development Committee chair
Isabel Mancinelli – Gardens Committee chair
Bettie Massie
Brian Pfeiffer – Buildings, Grounds, and Gardens Committee co-chair
Mary Roper


Board Emeritus

Patrick Chassé

Council of Advisors

Maureen Ackerman
Shirley Beccue
Peggy Bowditch
Judith Burger-Gossart
Constance M. Clark
Diane Cousins
Dick Crawford
Ruth Eveland
Emily Fuchs
James Fuchs
Carol Habermann
Marti Harmon
Lawrie R. Harris
Thomas Hayward
Betsy Hewlett
Neil Houghton
Arthur Keller
Moorhead Kennedy
Carl Kelley
Valencia Libby
Howard Monroe
Victoria T. Murphy
Lee Patterson
Carole Plenty
Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Lois Berg Stack
Genie Thorndike – Governance Committee chair
Jill Weber
Margot A. Woolley