The Beatrix Farrand Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the landscape architect Beatrix Farrand.

The goal of the society is to promote education and appreciation of her works locally, nationally, and internationally. Further, the society dedicates itself to the restoration and maintenance of Garland Farm, which is her last home and garden. To this end we continuously work to maintain the gardens to reflect what Farrand would have created during her lifetime; we ensure the gardens are available for public enjoyment; we house a substantial library of works on horticulture, landscape design, and other topics; and we host a number of educational seminars and lectures over the course of the year. In this we hope to live up to the motto Farrand inscribed in the entryway of her home- “Intellectum da mihi et vivam“: Give me understanding, and I will live.

For more information on our seasonal seminar and lecture events, visit our Programs and Events page.